1.5 Inch Camlock Fittings

Suitable for a variety of material transfers, our 1.5 inch camlock fittings are available in aluminium, stainless steel and Read More >

1.5 Inch Camlock Fittings FAQs

What Size Camlock Do I Need?

You can work out the size of the camlock you need by looking at the size of your pipe or hose. For example, a 1.5 inch camlock fitting would fit into a  1.5  inch adapter. We have a variety of different sizes available to suit your needs. 

How Do You Size A Camlock Fitting?

The helpful acronym STAMPED can help you choose the correct camlock size for your needs. It stands for:

  • S - Size
  • T - Temperature
  • A - Application
  • M - Material
  • P - Pressure
  • E - Endpoints and connections
  • D - Delivery

An eclectic calliper can be used to accurately measure your hose or pipe and select the right camlock. Check out our in depth blog for information on sizing camlock fittings.