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What are Stainless Steel Camlock Fittings?

A camlock fitting, also known as a cam and groove coupling is used in the construction to connect two hoses and or pipes so that a commodity (such as water, petroleum, or chemicals) can be transferred between them.  

Our Stainless Camlock Products

As with all of our hose coupling types, our range of stainless steel camlock fittings enables you to connect and disconnect your hosing quickly and easily. Manufactured to close tolerance in 316-grade stainless steel, our leading class of camlock products represent the best in production at an economical price. The arms fold down into position for a secure join and are available with Male BSPT Thread, Female BSP Thread, Hose Tail, Dust Cap and Dust Plug to suit your needs accordingly.

At CamlockFittings we exclusively specialise in camlock fittings and our products are so dependable that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should you not be satisfied with any of our products, we offer hassle-free replacements or returns, and our large stock of products and quick delivery across the globe ensure nobody can match us in terms of price, quality, or service.