2 Inch Camlock Fittings

Our range of 2 inch camlock fittings are a quick and easy way to securely connect hoses and pipes when transferring a variety of materials. We stock a wide array of 2 inch camlock fittings, including dust caps, dust plugs and Part A-F adaptors to suit all requirements, as well as fittings in sizes ranging from ½” through to 4” in aluminium, stainless steel and polypropylene. Read More >

2 Inch Camlock Fittings FAQs

What Size Camlock Do I Need?

Camlocks come in different sizes to suit your requirements. To find out which size you need, measure the end of your end connection and/or hose. For example, a 2 inch camlock fitting would fit into a 2 inch adapter. If 2 inch camlock fittings doesn’t meet your needs, we have other size categories available. Se below for more information which may help you to help you find the right size and material. 

How Do You Size A Camlock Fitting?

There is a helpful acronym available to help you determine the part, size and material needed for your camlock fitting solution: 

  • S - Size
  • T - Temperature
  • A - Application
  • M - Material
  • P - Pressure
  • E - Endpoints and connections
  • D - Delivery

An electric calliper can be used alongside this acronym to get a more precise measurement. Our in depth blog details everything you need to know about sizing camlock fittings.